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Everything is getting mixed edited and remixed in today’s fast paced competitive World. 

We at RForce have remixed Marketing Mix and Promotional Mix.

Personal Selling, Advertising, Sales Promotions, Direct Marketing and Publicity.

Our Expertise:

Sales Increases : Promotional Plans to increase your sales revenue through RF-Promo.

New Product Acceptance : Testing and Target Market Analysis of pre-sales and post-sales of New Product.  Building Awareness, Create Interest, Provide New Product Information, Stimulating Demand, Reinforcing the Brand.

Creation of Brand Equity : Bonding, Advantage, Performance, Relevance, Presence. Helps us in designing Holistic Marketing Activities. Which also helps us in Brand Revitalizing, Extending the Brands, Create Brand Portfolios and Building Customer Equity.

Positioning : Using advanced Graphical Techniques, Perpetual Mapping, Performing various Survey Techniques, Multi dimensional Scaling, Factor Analysis, Conjoint Analysis and Logit Analysis.

Competitive Retaliations.

Creating Corporate Image.  

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